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Below are a small selection of clients testimonials
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 I have worked with over 2,000 clients and I specialize in the athletic diet and work with a lot of strength athletes, such as Weightlifters, Powerlifters and Strongmen. However I have a wide range of clients from different sporting and non-sporting backgrounds.

Please see more updated success stories on facebook - photo album 'clients progress'

72kg Powerlifter – Goal: Cut to maintain in 72kg class then Reverse Diet to maintain bodyweight on higher calories.

“After seeing some posts appearing on social media from Shannon about the progress of some of her current clients I thought I’d give one of her nutrition plans a go as I was having no luck on my own. She was always posting delicious recipes and food photos too which inspired me that you can eat good food and still look lean.

I had no idea how to track macros or what my maintenance calories were before I began but Shannon quickly showed me that and so I started making progress. After some ups and downs (excuse the pun!) just 7 weeks later I hit my target weight and was almost 5kg down. The fact I was still eating foods I enjoyed was an added bonus, I never thought that went hand in hand with weight loss. It has in fact been the easiest way of losing weight I have ever attempted and the progress photos you take are real motivation. When you see your body changing it makes you want to push yourself more and Shannon’s support in pinpointing your areas of progress is even more encouraging. I am now looking forward to starting a “reverse diet” – a concept that would have blown my mind less than a year ago. The advice and support Shannon guides you with is second to none. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking to lean out or increase calorie intake whilst strength training.”

/// Sophie Barringer

Goal: Reverse dieting

” I went to Shannon for help with my nutrition after a long struggle with getting to a place that was right for me and my daily training requirements. I was sceptical of a reverse diet at first as I’d always just eaten less to lose weight/lean out, but was amazed when I started to lose weight and was eating way more calories. I started to see improvements in my training (more pb’s etc), and body composition. My metabolism is now working at a much more optimal state, and whenever I have any worries, questions, or concerns, I know I am able to take these to Shannon knowing that I am getting a knowledgeable response. Not to mention the support that you get from other clients, who are working with Shannon, is incredible!! (in the private facebook group)”

/// Amy

IPF 120kg Powerlifter – Goal: Cut back to 120kg class then Reverse Diet to maintain bodyweight on higher calories.

“I am a Junior -120kg IPF Powerlifter and I have struggled with keeping my weight down to stay in my class, I compete at a National and International level so the training is quite demanding, when I came to Shannon I was already tracking macros but very loosely and would ‘yolo’ it most of the time. I found that Shannon was very reasonable with the macros she set each week and is patient with weeks that are bad and good. She is very approachable and friendly and always willing to help, and have a good laugh at a meme. I would recommend Shannon to anyone and everyone”.,

/// Isacc Maldonado - Australia

IPF 52kg Powerlifter – Goal: Reverse Dieting

“I got in contact with Shannon as I had seen a lot of her nutrition posts on her social media which made me realise she really knew her stuff, and the fact that she is a powerlifter like me was an added bonus as I felt it meant she would have more knowledge on my type of training and the nutrition I would need. My main goal is to slowly build my calories/macros as I knew I was eating far less than I should but didn’t know how to do it without gaining weight as I enjoy looking lean too. I am more than happy with how  the plan  is going, I am able to eat so much more food and carbohydrates, which I’d usually always avoid, whilst my weight stays around the same and I’ve hit PBs in almost every training sessions the past 2 weeks with all the extra energy! Shannon is great at giving advice and suggestions especially when I’ve been feeling more bloated and weight went up a little, I followed Shannon’s advice and stuck to my plan and this week my weights dropped back down and I’m feeling great in myself. I would definitely recommend Shannon to anyone who wants to reach their goals and I will be keeping a plan with Shannon for the foreseeable future as I find having a nutrition coach who is there to support and advise me and someone who is checking up on my weekly macro logs helps me stay on track and stop binging! I couldn’t be happier with my progress so far the best part is I’m getting to eat so much more food without feeling guilty and feeling leaner than I have before!”

/// Sophie Walker

-84kg to -72kg Powerlifter – Goal: Cut to -72kg weight class and then Reverse Diet to maintain bodyweight on higher calories.

“Shannon has been so helpful tailoring a 10 week nutrition plan to my specific requirements and with her help I have managed to lose over 7kg in 10 weeks for a powerlifting competition. She is really dedicated to helping others with their goals and is very approachable in the way she works. I have learnt so much about macros from her and I will continue to use her services as I am so happy with my results.”


/// Jenny

“I contacted Shannon to formulate a nutrition plan to support my workouts.   I am now starting my second 10 Week Programme of Reverse Dieting / Muscle building with her and I couldn’t be happier with the progress we have made. Calorie intake has increased dramatically whilst actually looking leaner. Shannon is helpful and supportive and very quick to reply to questions / queries. Looking forward to the continuing journey”


/// Sue

"I was told about Shannon by a couple of people in my Crossfit box. I stopped smoking just over a year ago. Although I am enjoying the smoke free life, the slowing metabolism and feeling of avoid didn’t help with my waist line. Since I was seeing the effect of Shannon’s nutrition plan on the other person in the box, I decided to have a go myself.


It has been a great journey. I can eat whatever I want on the plan as long as those fit within my macro and calories targets. I rarely felt hunger. It is working great for me so far. I lost nearly 8kg and able to back into my old 28 inches waist jeans and suits again!


The unexpected side effect of the nutrition plan is that it’s helping me to cut down my drinking. I can and will have a drink if I have enough calories left at the end of day but don’t feel the desperate need to have a drink nowadays.


Like any other plans, you need to stick with it to make it work"


/// Guanpeng Li 

IPF 52kg Powerlifter Danni Malcolm's10 week progress – For the first 5 weeks of the 10 Week plan we worked on reverse dieting – slowly building up Danni’s calories without fat gain, this gave her more energy and helped with her powerlifting training sessions. Then final 5 weeks we worked on cutting so that she could lean out and also make weight in the -52kg class for the world bench press championships. Over the 10 weeks Danni went from 53.8kg to 51.4kg. 

"After finally managing a successful cut I was at the stage where no more fat was being lost. I was at 1700 calories and not prepared to drop any more. I didn’t know what to do next – caught between wanting to eat more and scared of undoing all my hard work. I contacted Shannon and she assured me she could help. We have gradually increased my calories under her supervision and now I am eating 1000 calories more per day, and the best part – my weight is basically the same but I have increased strength and energy, it’s amazing. Without the confidence and monitoring that Shannon has given me there is no way I could have attempted this. I would be stuck on low calories and not progressing. This really has been amazing and so helpful and I can’t thank Shannon enough for helping me and making it so easy."



/// Sam

120kg Class Powerlifter

“I contacted Shannon eight weeks out from comp. I weighed 121kg and set the goal of weighing in at 115kg so I could relax in the week leading up. Shannon set an easy to follow plan, answered my questions and helped me hit my target weight without leaving me out of condition. I weighed in at 115kg and got a PB in deadlift. I am very happy with the results, highly recommended."

/// Ian Ryan

"I got suggested to try Shannon through other members at my gym. Having seen excellent results I thought I’d give it a go. After seeing photos and realising I had a neck like Harold bishop off Neighbours I thought it was about time I did something. So this was perfect timing. I’d never tried counting macros before at first it was challenging and time consuming but then once you get the swing of it and regular meals it’s very simple. I’ve made lots of PB's and feel more energised. It’s helped me realise what I eat and the composition of food. Shannon has been helpful in suggesting training plans around cardio and also what type of diet plans to follow. I’m just glad I can see my feet again and I’ve dropped a bra size ! My aspirations and dreams of working along side Channing Tatum are getting ever closer."




/// Pete

-84kg Powerlifter

“I am currently starting week 16 with Shannon and I am cutting for competition weight, having followed a short reverse diet at the start, and Shannon is very supportive with this. Being told I had an eating disorder in January, it seemed that food became my worst enemy. Although I still have odd bad days now, Shannon has helped me in more ways than one to overcome many things which I am very grateful for. She is kind and patient which makes this plan much easier for me, personally. Shannon helps me with my macro planning from time to time, although I can do this myself, it gives me that extra drive and some new meal ideas. Shannon is very knowledgeable and I’ve learnt a lot about food over the past few months. I am very happy and certain I’ll be a client of Shannon’s for a long time"


/// Laura

“I started with Shannon with the view to lose some weight whilst maintaining and building strength for powerlifting. So far I have seen some good results. I have much more energy despite eating less calories. I put this down to the change in diet composition, it’s more balanced. Training is going very well. Shannon is friendly, highly knowledgeable and very approachable and most of all she gets results. I would not hesitate in recommending her."


/// Catriona - 52kg powerlifter

Photo of Helen is week 1 vs week 10

“I have seen great results working with Shannon and it’s been really easy to make adjustments. It’s never felt like a diet and she is always on hand to help with any queries or worries. I have recently been injured which has really affecting my training and motivation but Shannon has been on hand with lots of ideas to change things up to ensure I stay on track. The Facebook group is amazing too – it’s so nice to have somewhere to share stories/worries/recipes etc with like-minded people. I can see us working together for a long time into the future and am really grateful for all her help and support to date."


/// Helen

“I started my plan with Shannon around 10 weeks ago, after seeing and hearing some great feedback about her from other female powerlifters. Over the last 5 years I have lost around 40kg by myself, through a variety of diet and exercise plans. Starting powerlifting last year was a struggle diet wise, I found it hard to eat the food I knew I needed to gain strength, I was often too tired or still gaining fat. Starting with Shannon I was 72kg eating 1600 calories a day, with less than 100g of that being carbs. Now I am on 2000+ calories a day, 250g carbs and leaning out! I have been really pleased and surprised with the results, I am eating more and leaning out...who knew that could happen! My strength has also increased, with PB’s on all my lifts over the last 10 weeks and generally feeling stronger and more fuelled during workouts. Shannon is a very flexible, understanding and knowledgeable nutrition coach, the times I have overeaten (life, it gets in the way sometimes!) she doesn’t make me feel guilty or like I’ve failed, which for me is a big thing, ive been made to feel bad about my choices previously and it hasn’t helped me at all. She is always available for advice, and has created a great network amongst her other clients, and we all help each other out. I cannot wait to see how I progress with Shannon in the future, its been the best thing I have done so far!"


/// Kelly Broadbent

"Two years ago I had lost a huge amount of weight and went through the motions of trying out various fad diets to maintain my weight loss. As many people are aware, the internet and gyms are full of people trying to convince you to try paleo, low carb, low fat, juice cleanse and detox diets. I have always interested in the "eat to perform" approach but I was after something a little more personalised than some of the big name on-line nutrition packages. Having spoken to some of the ladies I train with and seeing their results through Shannon's coaching I decided to let go of some of my feelings about trying to drop back down to or maintain a weight level that felt unrealistic to me. I was putting far too much pressure on myself to make a lower weight category and not eating well enough to support my powerlifting goals. The day I decided to move up from the -72kg class to the -84kg class and let go of my obsession with that little number on the scale was the day I became a happier person.  I started my "bulking" journey on 2000 calories after not making weight at my competition two days prior to signing up with Shannon. I am now eating 3020 calories on training days with minimum fat gain, this number continues to rise as my metabolism magically adapts to the calories that Shannon has prescribed. My goal is to gain weight in a controlled manner and I am always surprised and delighted to see the significant difference to my body composition on my progress photos. I am looking leaner, feeling healthier and stronger and I never feel guilty about what I eat. The support network Shannon has created is something really special with lots of positive, like-minded athletes who share recipe ideas and their daily experiences of following Shannon's personalised nutrition plans."


/// Charlotte Hansford

"I had been following Shannon on Instagram for a while, and when she posted some client before and afters, I knew I had to contact her for a plan. I had just competed in my most recent powerlifting competition, and knew that I had a good gap before my next one. For my previous competitions I had cut weight to make my weight class, and I knew I didn’t want to do that anymore. So my aim for this plan was to slowly cut to 54/55kg and then maintain here so I wouldn’t have to worry about making weight anymore! From the minute I contacted Shannon, she’s been amazing! So helpful, and really took into account everything I had said. With her help, I’ve cut weight and plan to slowly build back up to maintain here. And I’ve every faith that things will go perfectly with Shannon’s help. If you’re thinking about it at all, please contact Shannon. She really knows her stuff and will help you whatever the situation!"


/// Alison

"I competed in powerlifting in the 59kg class and decided I wanted to move up  a weight class to 66kg ,I’ve never tracked calories before but I wanted some  help to make sure I put on as much muscle mass as possible but I needed help with the diet so I contacted Shannon , my partner worked with Shannon for a couple of weeks before me with great results so I went with Shannon myself, I’ve managed to put on about 5kg since I’ve started without much fat gain whilst eating a truck load of food , the whole food tracking was tough at first but Shannon helped out with any issues I had reaching my macros and now I can usually hit my macros without any hassle"


///Noel Whelan - 59/66kg powerlifter

"I came to Shannon with the goal of gaining strength using a reverse diet plan. Shannon’s been a great source of support and guided me through each week. Having suffered with eating disorders in the past, this process has been mentally challenging, but Shannon has been very accommodating, supportive and an inspiration. I started on around 2000-2200 cals and weighed in at 56.5kg; the first few weeks were easy and I found myself loosing 2kg’s whilst eating more calories daily than ever before! Although I liked the number on the scale, it was not my goal and to have Shannon as my nutrition coach was the support I needed to keep me in check, not only so could achieve my goal but avoid falling into any bad ED habits, which could have easily been triggered without Shannon as my coach. I have just completed 16 weeks and am on 2900cals+ per day and weigh 55.5kg. I eat far more than I ever thought I could, I have far more energy, I recover better from training and I never feel like I’m starving. I will definitely be continuing on with Shannon. Not only does she have a passion for her own learning and nutrition, she has made personal sacrifices to see that she can fully commit and help support her clients achieve their goals.  "



"I came to Shannon after being told so many times I don’t eat enough, but no one was ever willing to explain why or how to change it. Shannon immediately offered advice, and suggested we reverse diet to build up calories and restart my metabolism. I’m eating more and watching my body respond so well. I feel leaner and stronger than ever before. Shannon not only advises me but also helps me to understand why I am doing what I’m doing which makes this so much more sustainable than anything I’ve tried before. I was worried about the effort of weighing my food and tracking everything but actually it’s just second nature now and for those times you maybe cant track I don’t feel like it’s the end of the world, I just make the best choices I can and work it out. "


///Laura Taylor

"When I started with Shannon, I wanted to drop a little bit of weight so I could maintain below my weight class for powerlifting and not have to keep cutting for competitions, and also just be a bit more comfortable with my body. While I had been tracking macros for a while and knew roughly what to eat, I struggled to actually put it in to practice and be consistent. Checking in weekly with Shannon helps me to stay accountable and be committed to the plan. She always responds very quickly to any questions and concerns I have. She understands the requirements of the sport, and tailors my nutrition plan accordingly. With her help I managed to get my weight down without any drastic calorie/carb cuts, and without losing any strength. Since finishing my cut I have started to reverse diet, and am now maintaining my weight on much higher calories. Coming from a history of being overweight and overeating, I have a big appetite and find it hard to restrict my intake, but Shannon understands all of these issues, and with her plan and the results I have had with the reverse diet, I still get to enjoy my big portions and rarely feel restricted. She has done wonders for building my metabolism. I really cannot recommend Shannon enough! "


///Claire Sear - 63kg powerlifter


"Since I began my fitness and health journey, I always had the goal of becoming a powerlifter. I had the goal of building strength and muscle. I had that ‘relationship’ with the weights. I knew what my goal was, but I was so unsure of how to approach it. There was a period of time where I wasn’t mentally healthy and suffered from an eating disorder. I was eating way too little. I then attempted to count macros but always hesitated because I had the idea that it wasn’t mentally healthy and would go back to that time again. I then had started to do CrossFit and was feeling great but, I was still confused about my nutrition, I was confused what and how much did I need to eat to reach my goals. That’s when I came across Shannon’s page and had seen that what she has gone through is so similar to what I have been going through. When I had seen her results and read her story, that’s when I knew I had found the right person to guide me to my goals. I then gave it a go and tried her nutrition program. Right then, I had seen quick results and was enjoying foods that I mentally viewed as the enemy. Doing her first plan made me realize I enjoy every step of my journey. I began to enjoy and focus more on what my body is capable of doing and little less of the image. I then continued to have her as my coach. Until today, having her as a coach continues. She is now guiding me not only through nutrition but training as well. Not only is she a wonderful coach, but an amazing friend. She has all the answers to your questions, reminds you of how far you’ve come, and is right there when you start to feel down. I now don’t wish/dream to be a powerlifter and build a strong body, but I now know that I will become a powerlifter and build a strong body, it just takes time. Overall, having her as a coach was the best approach I have done to reach my goals."


“I've really struggled with getting the right calories/ macros and getting to, and staying at a certain weight for competitions. Plus previous attempts usually meant restricting some macros in favour of others. Many of these methods also resulted in something else not being optimal, such as hormones or strength. Not so with Shannon, I can eat whatever I want and still get the right result. Shannon is experienced enough to deal with the more complex kinds of clients as well as the easy ones so had total faith in her process. She got me to where I needed to be if time for national competition despite me leaving it late, and now we are reverse dieting to hopefully produce a stronger version of me in future!”


///Elizabeth Fish

“Throughout my "journey" I've ranged in weight from “chunky but funky” to “are you even eating?”, like a metabolism damaging rollercoaster ride of doom. I’ve been through just about every diet and detox under the sun and in no way was I happy with my appearance. I lacked motivation, self-confidence and knowledge. Early 2016 I fell in love with Powerlifting and randomly stumbled across the Instagram of IPF powerlifter Shannon Clifford, who also happened to be a nutrition coach. I'll honestly mark finding Shannon as one of my most life changing accidents. I'm still yet to meet Shannon in person but she's helped me lose over 10kg through her nutrition coaching, none of which has affected my powerlifting training or strength. I sat at around 95kg and 37.3% body fat and now I have little baby abs at 84kg and am still yet to even think about cardio, let alone partake. There has never been a dramatic drop in my macros, nor have I ever been left starving or hangry. I've learnt so much from Shannon and her methods from the other side of the world, there is no way she is getting rid of me as a client anytime soon.”


///Madison Robins - Australia

“After seeing the progress other people on my Powerlifting team had made with Shannon I decided to get in touch.  After over a decade of eating disorders my nutrition was all over the place and I was very nervous and unsure what the best thing to do was. I needed to lose a bit of weight to get into my weight category but was completely unable to do it on my own. After first talking to Shannon,  due to me already eating low calories, we decided that a reverse diet was the best thing to do first to get my metabolism working properly so I could later cut if needed, but on much higher calories.  Shannon was extremely patient with all my questions and fears about eating more but she is so knowledgeable and also a powerlifter so I trusted what she was saying. Shannon lets you check in with her each week so she can make any adjustments needed, this is a service I have never come across before and is invaluable. Her facebook page for her clients is an amazing page where I often ask questions and get a huge amount of support from other people on plans with Shannon. Shannon was always available to me and my many questions and was incredibly patient. She made me feel like all my worries and concerns were ok and never a stupid question. In the 4 months I’ve been with Shannon I have increased my daily calories by 700, gained no weight and even dropped down to the weight category below where I needed to be. I feel I have more energy and my lifts are improving along with my weight loss. With all of my eating disorder issues I developed a whole list of fear foods and food rules, using Shannon has helped me face these and achieve more than just weight loss. I would recommend Shannon and her services to anyone wanted to lose or gain weight, improve  athletic ability and anyone just generally wishing to eat better for there own body."



“Without meaning to exaggerate, I find it quite hard to express exactly how much coaching by Shannon has transformed my relationship with food and my body. I’ve struggled with restrictive eating since being a young teen. I spent 3-4 years in treatment for anorexia, but since recovering have continued to alternate between binge eating and periods of excessive restriction. This all came to a head in my last year of study where my binging got completely out of control as I struggled dealing with anxiety and panic attacks. I kept on putting off signing up with Shannon because I felt I wasn’t ‘ready’. I now wish I’d started sooner.


Here’s a few reasons why she is great:

1. She UNDERSTANDS. She has seen me through so many periods of binging without judgment and has been gently encouraging along the way. It’s like having a friend and nutrition mum rolled in to one.

2. Her nutrition is based on BUILDING your body, not restricting. I found that I was getting better results eating more than I had ever done when dieting previously. (I have lost around 10kg eating between 1800-2100 calories a day).


I literally could not recommend her more. If anyone is in two minds whether to go for it, please please talk to someone (myself included) that has been coached by her before. My issues have not phased her in the bit and she’s been able to optimize my nutrition plan to suit me. Yes, dieting is a straightforward science. But having an objective insight into my nutrition has literally transformed my relationship with food and has dramatically changed the way I see my body."


///Louisa Salmon

“Shannon’s macros really work. I've tried everything over the last four years. From Juice diets to low carb to clean eating and macros is the only style of eating I've been truly happy on. I can eat whatever I want as long as it fits and I believe so much in it and Shannon that I've already recommended so many people her way as she knows her stuff. It's science. It works and it works for me. I don't binge out like I use to. I don't feel guilty if I go over and starve myself the next day like I used to. My relationship with food is a lot better and after losing ten stone over two years I'd reached a point where I couldn't move my weight no matter what I did. I would spend hours in the gym and eat what I thought was right and get nowhere! My strength has definitely gone up now I'm eating properly and I'm happier than ever with my figure and weight. Thanks Shannon."


///Amy Kearley

“Shannon was recommended to me by a colleague at work who had heard of her as I was looking for a Nutritionist to supplement my Training.  At first I was sceptical of what could be achieved as I had ‘dieted’ before but with limited results and as soon as I started eating ‘properly’ again, I would put the weight back on and some more!  However my perspective has changed as I am CONSISTENTLY eating more than I ever have without gaining weight (on a reverse diet).  I am also seeing some results and body shape changes without training any harder! The best bit about Shannon is not that she gives good advice (I would expect all nutritionists to be able to do that!) but it's the knack of making you feel ok about the odd blow out and that she realises that we are all humans and will go off track from time to time.  She also has a wealth of experience when it comes to nutrition and training and is generally a really nice helpful person and more importantly cares!  That's where she excels for me and why I personally would recommend her to anyone male or female.."



“I’ve been on the plan for about 16 weeks now, I started off 12 weeks out from comp wanting to drop 10kgs to get comfortably into my weight category, I did this with ease following Shannon’s plan, as the drop was more gradual it was a lot easier to maintain and it still allows for the occasional treat. I’m now working on reverse dieting to get my calories back up to a decent level, again doing it gradually so I don’t get fat..ter. Shannon’s plan has been sound throughout, and her advice invaluable to staying on track, logging my food and being accountable for what I put into my body. Overall a really solid nutritionist with a well rounded approach and great knowledge Shannon gets 5 out of 5 from me!


///Alex Shortland - 105kg powerlifter

“I started with Shannon around 6 months ago having suffered for 14 years with an eating disorder. I got down to my goal weight and then reversed dieted fixing my metabolism and now eating more calories than I ever have maintaining my weight week after week. Shannon has literally saved my life and I can never thank her or repay her enough for that! I have undergone a huge transformation both physically and mentally. I no longer feel anxiety around food and look forward to the future and eating more food!!!"


///Sharon Cooke

“I chose Shannon after talking to several friends that had already entrusted their metabolisms to her, and they all spoke extremely positively about her and what she had helped them accomplish. I'm a powerlifter and I was wanting to get down to below 72kg from about 76kg and then once there I wanted to reverse diet to just under 72kg and get my body to learn how to maintain that weight whilst on more calories. Shannon explained the process to me in terms that I found easy to understand, she helped with examples of what to eat/try to limit, how I needed to increase my water intake and how I would have different macro allowances on training days and resting days. She also explained what the different things I would eat would help my body to do. Once armed with all the relevant information she started by following what I would normally eat on my normal amount of calories for a couple of weeks, then slowly reduced my calories & macros on a weekly basis until my weight appeared to stall at 72.3kg/72.6kg. Once this happened she started me on a reverse diet, which is great timing as we're leading up to Christmas! I'm currently still on the reverse diet, and will continue until she thinks it's time for me to start cutting again, in order to get me at the correct weight for a comp at the end of March. The entire journey has been virtually painless, any questions/queries I have had, no matter how daft they seemed, have been answered by Shannon, usually within an hour of asking them, often almost immediately. She has been very patient with me and my "technical issues" regarding my laptop, and has been very helpful in general. I'm so pleased to have found Shannon, after years and years of trying various different diets and always putting the weight back on I've finally found something that really makes sense and doesn't stress me out, and means that I can eat normal food and even enjoy the odd meal out/take away. Plus if I do "fall off the wagon" Shannon is always there with a helpful suggestion, and to say that "these things happen, it's life" and I then don't have the guilt that I would usually have so I get straight back on plan the next day - just taking it as a mere bump in the road. I can't recommend Shannon highly enough - she's been so helpful, and I love that she has become a friend in the process." 


///Niccy Hughes

"I have always been very conscious of my body, even when I was very young at an age of 13. Before my body had even had a chance to develop properly; I had put it in a negative light. I always disliked my body and put it through stresses of fad diets, detox teas, and even some things that I won’t tell anyone. I always believed that 1600 Calories a day was a ball point for everyone to lose weight. Every time I attempted a cut I could NEVER stay consistent, which in turn led to binges and feeling worse about myself. I used to look at girls on social media and ask myself how they ate so much and looked so good, and even though I knew what a reverse diet was, as nutrition is one of the mail fields I desire to have a career in; I knew I didn’t know enough to do it alone. So I turned to Shannon, we attempted a cut first as I thought I’d be able to be consistent with the help of a nutritionist. This still was so difficult and then with the passing of my dad half way through; Shannon was more than understanding. So we started a reverse diet a few weeks later and have slowly built my calories up. Reverse dieting is a long process but a rewarding one, I have managed to drop weight and feel and look leaner even though I’m eating more than I ever have before! My strength has increased faster than I even thought it could and I now feel confident every day. I no longer compare myself to anyone because I know that when it is time for me to cut, my cutting cals will be higher and Shannon will be there to support me. She is always fast to answering my question whether that’s for nutrition or training. The online Facebook group for her clients is such a supportive and inspiring page. People are always advising each other when we have a problem and are always supportive of each other, whether it’s about nutrition, training or personal situations. I have learnt so much about food, reverse dieting and how to be a good coach through Shannon and I hope that when I graduate University and start my own career that I’m as good as she is! "

///Sophie Coppin

"I am a recreational powerlifter who came to Shannon with the goal of going on a cut, having dieted on and off for years on my own with some success, depending on my consistency. I was hoping to get a coach for the sake of accountability but ended up getting much more than that. After a few weeks, it was clear that I had no place dieting with my history and instead I started to reverse diet with Shannon. Since then I have lost around 5lbs/2kg while slowly eating more each week. I have a problem with restricting/binge eating and haven’t been perfect, but with Shannon’s help and the support of her client group, I have continued to reverse successfully. In the past, I would get scared and run straight back to the dieting mentality, but Shannon’s coaching has helped me continue towards my goals. She knows what she is doing, and I can trust her when she tells me to eat more. I love being able to eat more as I get stronger and slowly but surely make my way to a double bodyweight deadlift!"

/// Anonymous - USA

“When I first started with Shannons Nutrition my initial goal was to go from 73kg to 63kg, I am now well on my way weighing 65.5kg and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to help me make my transformation. Even though sometimes it has been tough Shannon has persevered with my difficulties and helped put my worries at bay. I was certain I would lose a lot of strength whilst losing weight but if anything my strength has increased and I feel more energetic when lifting. Shannons website has also helped me a lot with finding different recipes as I have quite a sweet tooth but she offers treats which you can easily make at home and that are healthy as well! The facebook page has also helped me with different things to try. Overall Shannon is amazing at what she does and I would recommend her nutrition and coaching to anyone no matter what their goals.”

/// Eleanor Mawson

"After many years of having a bad relationship with food/managing a diet I came across Shannon’s instagram. Being a fellow powerlifter I knew she would understand the processes of cutting for weight classes ect so we started with a 10 week cycle. When I started with Shannon approximately 25 weeks ago my aim was to drop from 79kg to 72kg to compete in that weight class. It was a slow process of cutting and having to add in cardio when weight was stubborn but I got down to 75kg. I then decided to just compete at my current weight of 75.5kg in the U84 category. Shannon suggested we start the reverse diet, we have been building it up slowly, going from around 1500 to 1800 with minimal weight gain and with it I’ve really built some strength adding 7.5kg onto my squat since October. I’m really thankful for Shannon’s help and it’s reassuring to know I’m in good knowledgeable hands. I would really recommend her for anyone else looking to receive nutrition guidance on cutting or reverse dieting. "

/// Scarlett Portues - U84kg Powerlifter

"I started a nutrition plan with Shannon to lose weight and fat.  I am over the moon with the results I have achieved. I found the plan easy to follow and especially liked the fact that your weight, calories and macros are checked by Shannon on a weekly basis with adjustments and feedback sent back quickly and I also liked the fortnightly photo comparisons as weight loss doesn't always show on the scales. I would highly recommend Shannon's nutrition to anyone as I feel the service she offers is key to getting the best results."

/// John Holmes

“Having Shannon help me with my nutrition has changed my life and the way in which I view food. Over the past four years I have gone on a major fitness journey, loosing over three stone and getting my health back on track. Throughout this time, I have educated myself on nutrition through various blogs and articles I have read, and although I have lost a substantial amount of weight and managed to maintain a healthy size and life style I have found the fine tunings of my diet difficult to manage. Because of the sheer quantity of ‘nutritional” advice in the media, online and in social media I found it hard to know what diet I should be following to support my training (crossfit). I have tried a variety of diets, low carb, paleo, “clean” eating, juice detox, meal replacements and so on however none of it has been maintainable. What doing my nutrition through Shannon has shown, and taught me is, I am “allowed” to eat what I want without feeling guilt, carbs are NOT the enemy and one bad day will not throw me off. Shannon is always there to help and support me, and her facebook group is invaluable! I used to think of food at every moment and was constantly hungry, however, now I eat to fuel my body and instead of feeling restricted I am always looking at how I can eat to fulfil my macros – there’s been a real change in my mind set.Shannon makes tweaks every week to ensure I am on track and after my first 6 weeks I was delighted; people noticed how healthy and happy I was looking, I have now renewed for a further 3 months and cannot wait to see what will happens.”


/// Lucy Tillet

"I joined with Shannon back in October 2016, I was stuck in a 'rut' and getting frustrated with how I looked. Having lost a few stone previously I found my weight had stuck and I wasn't shifting the much needed fat I wanted too. Since starting with Shannon I have. Priced changes in my body since week 1! I have toned up and lost inches from areas I had previously struggled with. I am stronger and leaner than ever and look forward to seeing what I can achieve in the not too distant future. With Shannon's help I have gained much needed confidence in both my appearance and in my training. I cannot thank Shannon enough."

/// Kirsty

“I got in touch with Shannon after following her on Instagram for several months and always being so impressed with the progress her clients made.  Initially I wasn’t very good at following the plan at all and with various hiccups along the way (no gym available, long placement hours, long commutes) I really wasn’t making much progress, however Shannon was always extremely encouraging despite only little improvements in overall appearance (I really was RUBBISH at following the plan).  I got it together after Christmas and have followed it religiously since and have seen unbelievable improvements. I am down from 75kgs to 67kgs and look and feel so much better.  Despite a tough cut, I’ve trusted Shannon’s decisions each week and she has been spot on.  I am a powerlifter and have maintained strength even when cutting.  Shannon is always available to answer questions and is active within her Facebook group with helpful ideas and encouragement.  Shannon is lovely, but she is just the perfect level of firm that if you have not really followed the plan you feel guilty sending it to her!  Shannon is also genuine with compliments and praise which makes it even more encouraging when you are given it.  Being part of the Facebook group is so helpful and a really good idea!  I have spoken to various people about different nutrition coaches and Shannon appears to be the most helpful, affordable and available to talk to as well as produces results with not only herself but her clients too and I always speak extremely highly of her.  I was never overweight or really even ‘chubby’ but I have a completely new outlook on food and nutrition since being with Shannon and to see the results is so motivating to keep going!”

/// Anonymous

"I tried dieting on my own for a very long time but I never had as much progress as I did with Shannon in a short amount of time. Not only is Shannon always a quick message away for any advice or help but you also get the support of Shannon’s client which has become almost like a family. Another thing I would also say is how affordable it is, I honestly have saved more money being with Shannon using some of her food recommendations and recipes so it’s almost like it pays for itself"

/// Charles Oesi

"I heard about Shannon from my lifting partner and signed up before Christmas. My short term goal was to make weight for an Olympic weightlifting competition on 21 January (-75kg) and long term to loose and maintain enough weight so that I won't have to cut for competitions anymore. Sticking pretty religiously to the macros that Shannon gave me, I made weight at the competition and achieved a new competition PB. 11 weeks into the programme I have lost 8kg (21/12/2016: 79.6kg -> 05/03/2017: 71.4kg) and I am more than happy with the progress.  I can not even remember the last time I was that light and with the help from Shannon I pushed through my previous threshold of 75kg. Shannon is so supportive and replies to emails and any questions quickly. The weekly check-ins help me to being accountable and the Facebook group is great for any questions and perfect for motivation. I am now at the stage where the reverse dieting can hopefully begin soon and I couldn't be more excited about it, as I completely trust Shannon's knowledge and guidance. Looking forward to the next phase."

/// Miri

"I was bought a nutrition program with Shannon as gift to help me gain muscle and improve my performance in crossfit and weightlifting. I had already heard great things about Shannon from a friend who was on a nutrition program with her and was not disappointed.  From day one she has been very supportive and encouraging which has been key to helping me achieve my goals. She is very quick to reply and I like the fact you have weekly check-ins to help keep you focused and make sure you are on track to help you reach your goal. I have managed to gain weight which has been something that has been difficult for me in the past and I am very happy with the results so far! More importantly, my strength and fitness have seen a bigger improvement which I feel has been a result of Shannon's advice on eating good quality foods and timing my meals/food choices to fuel my training. I have tried zone dieting and calculating macros in the past but found it very frustrating to work out myself. Shannon has made it very simple with realistic meal plans which has made it possible to maintain with a busy work schedule and I hope to continue working with her". 

/// Jemma

"I’ve been using Shannon’s online training and nutrition plan now for the past 10 weeks.  My goal is to get more definition and strength, and then see where that takes me.  When I first started the training the strength in my legs was noticeably weaker than in my upper body.  However, the training program that Shannon has given me has significantly increased my lower body strength and the shape of my legs has changed totally.  Combining this with the nutrition plan has seen the rest of my body change too.  Which is incredible as when I started with Shannon, my average calorie intake was 1700 and I’m now on 2200 a day and my weight hasn’t changed! "

/// Anonymous

"My wife had signed up with Shannon and I had seen improvements in her eating habits and toning of her body - so I decided to give it a go. I’ve been following the nutrition plan and found it easy to accommodate into my life style. I’ve always been involved in some sort of fitness but never really looked at the nutritional side of things, however since I’ve been with Shannon I have seen a change in my body that I have never seen before and I like what I see. I am now looking to build more muscle but still maintain my waistline."

/// Anonymous

"I started with Shannon 3 months before my comp. I went to her wanting to go on a slow controlled cut. It was a surprisingly easy cut, with the constant support from Shannon, she made it very enjoyable. I am looking forward to staying under Shannons excellent guidance to start my reverse diet."

/// Suzanne Gray

“I got the opportunity to be followed at distance by Shannon since October, 2016. I come from years of a yo-yo bodyweight, bad diets, I did everything by myself. When I started with her, I was a bit scared because we had not the possibility to see each other, so she had to do her work only trusting me, my words, and my pics. Thanks to her I started to eat better, counting macros (but not in the usual way when we talk about diets), and trying to understand how to eat or to associate different foods, always by myself but taking account some inspirational photos. My bodyweight changed a bit, I suffer from some food tolerance and I really suffer because of female hormones, so it’s not so easy for me to lose weight. I have a good muscular structure, I’m not a thin person. I’m, in general, always on the same weight, but at the look of others, and so mine, my body changed. Thanks to Powerlifting and thanks to this way of eating my body is more toned, I have less body fat, and even if my bodyweight is not the number I desire from years, this is good. My experience with Shannon is really positive. She’s always on time, always kind, always comprehensive and smart in understanding everything I ask her. When you’re not able to do by yourself, trust someone else who knows how to do this job, even if you can never meet each other. We are not the number on the scale. We are the way we look.”

///  Cristina - Italy

“I'm a 51 year old male living in Texas. Found Shannon's name from other enthusiastic posts on Instagram.  Been powerlifting using my own program for about a year, and wanted a more structured program and to also lose 10 kg or so without losing strength.  I'm well on my well with Shannon's help.   In the last 10 weeks, I've lost a little over 6 kG with her nutrition coaching, and her training program has helped me hit personal records for Bench, Squat, and Deadlift during that time even as the weight is coming off.  Working online with Shannon has been fantastic.  Even though we're thousands of miles away, she's always there, extremely responsive, and always supportive.   I'm finding the accountability to be helpful especially when my willpower is weak, and will definitely be continuing with the program.”

///  Steve - USA

“I have tried plenty of diets on my own, which although had short term success were not sustainable for me, and gave me an unhealthy relationship with food. I have tried tracking macros on my own but I wanted some accountability and luckily I found Shannon. Shannon is very supportive and quick to respond to any queries and her service is very affordable. I have cut down from 85.5kg to around 78.5kg currently and under Shannon’s guidance my strength in the gym has still continued to increase and I feel like I am fuelled for my workouts and not constantly hungry. I’m so happy with the results I have had so far cutting down with Shannon’s guidance and look forward to reverse dieting with her help.”

///  Hollie

“Shannon is a very friendly and encouraging person. Her plans are always realistic if not sometimes challenging, but she takes feedback on board if you find the macros too hard to hit. The results speak for themselves – My goal is to gain some lean mass in order to compete in strongman – since starting with Shannon I have gained 3-4kg while if anything losing some fat. Strength levels are the best they have ever been and energy levels are high throughout the day and in the gym. Communication is great! Be it a Facebook message or email, Shannon is always quick to reply. Her advice is always manageable and knowledgeable. I have seen some fantastic results – and I do not seem to be alone! After a good year or so of stagnating at the same weight I have finally started to gain again after Shannon’s plan.”

///  Harry

""Having lost just over 20kg of weight in the 6 months prior to signing up with Shannon, I felt like I knew how to eat to lose fat but I now wanted to increase my performance and strength and felt a bit lost in how to achieve this with my food. Since starting with Shannon on a reverse diet, i’ve become leaner and stronger, eating far more than I was and I feel I have a far healthier relationship with food and genuinely feel in control for the first time in a long time. Knowing Shannon is only an email away should I have any questions or concerns is great and it’s nice to have someone who is invested in not only me doing well but all her other clients which is clear to see in the Facebook group."

///  Nick

“I have always struggled with my weight and body image. It wasn’t until two years ago that I bit the bullet and started training at a Crossfit gym (with no prior training or lifting). I’d regularly skip breakfast and lunch, snack on biscuits and chocolate and fill myself up late at night with a huge tea, which I now know consisted mostly of carbs and fat. All in all, I’d probably eat less than 1500 calories a day and wonder why I would never have any energy. It wasn’t until I started training properly that my focus shifted from body image to the sustainability of my training (anything else was a bonus, although I’d still pine for abs!) and the need to get stronger and lift heavier. I’ve tried all options, paleo, no sugar but each time resulted in failure because it simply wasn’t sustainable. Even worse, if I deviated from this ‘lifestyle change’ I’d feel horrendously guilty making it difficult to socialise with friends. After a few weeks, my body would look great but as soon as I fell off the wagon, the weight would slowly creep back on. Not forgetting that my training took a hit due calorie deficits. I’d often leave the gym upset and slowly became demotivated. It wasn’t until I found Shannon that I re-educated myself, within the 30 minutes she had replied to my email (as you can tell, communication is great). Within a week I was on plan, even on a cut I was eating 800 more calories than I usually would, I slowly figured out that carbs are not the enemy and the weight was dropping despite people commenting on how much I was eating.I’ve had days where I have struggled (we’re all human) but I can honestly say that with Shannon’s help and encouragement I have a much healthier attitude towards my food, I make healthy choices 90% of the time but don’t feel like I let myself down if I somehow make a pizza fit my macros. I am now on a reverse diet/slow bulk and I am yet again having to re-educate myself, the thought of the scales increasing opposes my preconditioned ideas that the scale numbers should be falling, however, as my current PB’s and pictures show, it’s most certainly not the case. I am looking forward to what the next 13 weeks will bring!”

///  Anonymous

“I have been working with Shannon now for 13 weeks and have found it so helpful to have someone on the other end of an email. I haven’t really had to ask too many questions, but when I have, the responses have been super quick and supportive. I originally signed up for 10 weeks and Shannon put me on a reverse diet as my aim was to increase strength. It was going so well at the end of the 10 weeks that I have signed up for another 10 weeks. Shannon understands when things don’t go quite to plan and helps you forget about it and move on which is just what I needed. I’m so surprised at how much more I can eat without gaining very much weight just by tracking and eating the right macros. I am learning a lot about food and the way it affects my body – I can’t wait to see the results after another few weeks!”

///  Rachel Howard

///  Rachel Howard

“I started with Shannon in a bit of a state, my calories were extremely low and I still wanted to undergo a cut but the constant support I found from not only Shannon but the client group that she has put in place to be a remarkable help and made any struggles manageable. I am currently 3 weeks into a reverse diet and I couldn’t be happier. One of the things that makes her coaching stand out is the constant attention to detail that she brings to the service. If you’re struggling to hit one macro and not another, she will happily rework your macro targets around that so that your daily goals are achievable. This and the 24/7 support from Facebook and email makes the work on the client’s part so much easier and attainable.”   

///  Elis Harrington

"I have been with Shannon for 8 weeks on a fat loss plan (losing over 6 kgs of fat) then moving into a reverse diet and to muscle build, before starting my nutrition plan with Shannon I would train myself in the gym with no real results for the hard work being put in. Now I can see the results from the gym week by week! Having to check in weekly with Shannon helps to keep me on track and allows Shannon to make small changes to the plan to keep the results flowing. I am looking forward to moving into the reverse diet plan and adding some lean muscle"

///  Ashley

"I originally seeked help from Shannon with regards to nutrition so I could cut weight for my second strongwoman competition and have continued with coaching for muscle building to be achieved through a reverse diet. Shannon is always available if you have any questions and always has helpful suggestions. I have found that Shannon is friendly, professional and genuinely cares about her clients and their goals. I would not hesitate to recommend her"

///  Laura Green

"I've never made any secrets about my issues with food and diets, how could I?! My relationship with food shows in whatever size clothes I'm wearing! But over a year ago I decided enough was enough and I needed to finally learn how to treat my body right and sustain it. A friend of mine recommended Shannon and I signed up straight away in Jan after seeing her Instagram page. It looked like she was raising everyone's calories and getting them lean. That's my ultimate dream, to eat like a pig and look like a fox. I went to Shannon and said hey I have a bikini, it's too small but I want to wear it on my holiday in May but I don't want to starve! And here I am, 18weeks later. This is averaging 2000kcals a day. Im still in the cutting phase and Shannon has been supportive, honest and real. She is personable and understands that life is what comes first. All in all the kind of nutrition coach you want. If u mess up, draw a line and move on... I can't recommend this miracle worker enough. If I can weigh what I weigh and look like this, great! I'm not where I want to be yet but one thing is for sure...I'll get there!"

///  Louise Moxon

"I started my nutrition plan with the view that I didn't want to lose weight but I wanted to lose fat.  As a powerlifter I felt that if I lost weight I would also lose strength.  This has not happened! Shannon started me on a slow reduction of calories so that any weight loss was very gradual.  I'm really happy to see the numbers on my scales going down as a result! The plan has been really straightforward to follow and I found it easier to plan my meals a day ahead so I knew exactly what I was eating that day.  Shannon has been very supportive, making little tweaks and suggestions if I was struggling with things.  I would recommend Shannon's nutrition to anyone whatever their goal may be.

///  Sharon

"I’ve learnt from Shannon how to fuel my body for my workouts whilst also dropping body fat and building extra muscle. I had never used macros before starting with Shannon but with the tools provided I’ve found it fairly easy to pick up. Shannon is really supportive and is always on hand for any questions and support. "

///  Heather

"Initially I wanted to loose a few kg to make it easier when it came to making weight for competitions. Over the last 6 months I have lost weight, but the biggest changes have been in body composition, I am stronger than I was previously (at a heavier weight) and making weight for competitions isn’t a worry, I can just focus on training, confident that my nutrition is sorted, which is the dream. Shannons is very knowledgable and her approach to diet and nutrition is a very supportive and sustainable one, she doesn't just work with the numbers it's about you as an individual, taking into account everything you have going on, the intensity or type of programme you are following and how you are feeling in general. She is really quick to answer any questions, to help out and suggest meal ideas or food combinations if you are completely stuck for ideas on how to hit your macros. She is also great at explaining any tweak or changes to your plan to make sure you understand the reasons for the changes and how they are helping you work towards your goals in the most efficient way. Through working with Shannon I have learnt so much able my diet and how I important food is to helping to reach my training and competition goals."

///  Katarina Wiemeyer

"I've been working on and off with Shannon since November. I took 4 weeks out in December as I knew I wouldn't stick to it over Christmas and whilst In New York for New Year. So I came back heavier than when I initially started! My progress has been slow but steady with many a blip as weekends are tough for me when I can be tempted with scones, afternoon tea and Cornish pasties! My story is that I took up powerlifting in my 50th year. I competed as a 63er but when my coach wanted be to go into the 72s I took up the challenge of gaining weight with gusto, ate junk and got FAT. I went up to 68kg and felt awful. I contacted Shannon to help with loosing fat, maintaining strength and then reverse dieting. Then I got injured and this really affected my training, mood and ability to burn off the excess calories. However, I have now come through the other side, am back on track and want to get down to 61/62 and maybe even stay there. What being injured has taught me is that training should be fun, not always a chore and I really like myself at under 63 - my choice :). Shannon has supported me through my ups and downs and I'm still on quite high calories with no reduction in strength. In fact I can now bench over my current body weight which I couldn't do before. I sent some progress pictures in too and actually couldn't believe what a difference 4kg down has made! Shannon's client base is a testament to her methods working well and I have recommended her to more than one person already."

///  Andrea

"I contacted Shannon to help with cutting weight back down to 63kg class for powerlifting after putting on weight last year and struggling to lose it myself. I have dropped about 7kg in 11 weeks at the same time as continuing to hit PB’s in squat, bench and deadlift. Shannon has been so helpful, always with very quickly replies and positive encouragement. I’m looking forward to reverse dieting with Shannon in a few weeks, after reaching goal weight, to get my calories back up again. I couldn’t recommend Shannon enough, and am looking forward to seeing continuing progress with her. "

///  Yandra

"I had a great experience with Shannon, she is not only a great nutritionist but an amazing person who is always here for her clients when they need support. I had 13 weeks of dieting and I lost 5 kilos within that period (I was not able to reach this weight for years and years of training). She was offering great support through all the stage and was always giving very useful advices. My attitude towards food changed completely. Not only I stopped being scared of certain foods, especially carbs but started making better choices and now do not struggle with my diet at all. Sometimes it is really easy to get lost in all the different suggestions and modern fancy diets we see online thus it is really important to have someone who will guide you to the right direction. Shannon’s diet helped me to start enjoying food again and I feel great about it.

///  Lana

"I would like to big up Shannon Clifford for:

A) helping me lose 7.5kg in 8 weeks 

B) teaching me that carbs are not the enemy 

C) keeping me sufficiently well fuelled to maintain and even improve intensity at the gym 

D) making bar muscle ups and strict hspu possible almost overnight

E) bringing a body weight snatch within sight

F) revealing muscles on my body I never knew I had

G) achieving all of the above without breaking the bank (probably saving me money overall!)

I cannot recommend Shannon's nutrition highly enough. Nothing complicated or fancy, just sensible weekly macro targets with minor but effective tweaks throughout each cycle and friendly but frank advice, whether you're looking to shred, bulk or maintain. So much conflicting advice out there it's a really refreshing approach that has clearly been successful for so many people. I lost what I thought was "the final 5kg" in about 5 weeks, now I'm confident of making it 10kg!

///  Stuart

"I discovered Shannon on Instagram and was so impressed with the photo's that I decided to give it a whirl. I have just finished 8 weeks of a cutting / shredding nutrition and training plan with Shannon, and I must admit I was very scared and overwhelmed to start off with, but everything clicks into place really quickly and I know Shannon is always at the end of an email or text to answer any questions and to support me. I have been amazed at the results I have had in such a short space of time, losing more weight that I ever thought possible but also still being able to eat carbs which I avoided like the plague before Shannon. I am now looking forward to starting my reverse diet plan to build muscle and slowing increase my calories and I can't wait to see the results! I cannot recommend Shannon highly enough, she is a miracle worker!"

///  Kat Steele

"Shannon is amazing, she seems to get it just right, she's helped me lose a stone and I'm now two weeks into reverse dieting. My problem is my metabolism is slow, not only because I limited my calories for so long but also because of my age (56) . Hence the reverse, in time I'll be having more calories than I've ever had but will not gain fat only muscle. This will help tremendously with my training, already I have more energy so can push a bit harder. So if you're thinking "Shall I ?? " or " shan't  I ??"  then believe me this is a no brainer. Just DO IT !!!! and embrace the many changes you'll have.  "

///  Kim Gramlick

"I started with Shannon in January after a long time of trying to stick to some sort of diet plan by myself. I had counted macros before but for some reason when I tried to do it by myself I kept going off track and ended up putting on weight! Shannon has been great throughout my weight cut, even working around my back injury since March when I haven't been able to train properly, now we are going to start reverse dieting and I'm looking forward to seeing my results. Shannon is helpful, encouraging and supportive all while realizing that we are human and sometimes we go off track. Highly recommend her to anyone! "

///  Danielle

"I started with Shannon after lots of great recommendations from girls at my gym. I wanted to loose a little bit of weight and start to gain muscle and get stronger. I am 6 weeks into my programme and have lost 5kgs and now onto the reverse dieting process. I am the lowest weight on the scales I’ve ever been but I am also stronger and able to train harder than before. Shannon has been amazing throughout – making small changes each week to help me reach my target. She is so quick to respond to any question I send and is always available for advice. The main thing I have loved about working with Shannon is that at no point does she tell you to cut anything out like other diet plans – I can have any food as long as it fits into my macros and calories for the day. The main thing I have learnt about my eating is to not be afraid of eating carbs and also the importance of drinking plenty of water – I didn’t do this enough before! I have never been able to stick to food plan for this long before but I have really enjoyed it and seeing great results! I’m looking forward to continuing working with Shannon on my nutrition and getting even stronger in my training. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting some help and direction with their nutrition – She is awesome! "

///  Erica

"I have been working with Shannon for eleven weeks and could not be happier with the progress I have made. I signed up after talking to some friends at the gym who all had made amazing progress. I have had a bad relationship with food in the past but through doing a nutrition programme with Shannon I feel this has improved so much. I am eating more food than ever before and at the same time I am at my lowest weight for about 10 years. My training has also improved significantly since I have been fueling my body properly and I have hit plenty of PBs in the gym. Shannon is always available and happy to give help and advice whenever I have contacted her. While she gives advice on the foods to eat she does not advocate cutting out certain types of food that other plans do and even encourages that you work treats into your macros. Similarly, when I have gone off plan she is always very encouraging and helps me get back on track. I cannot recommend Shannon enough. Her approach works brilliantly for me and I am looking forward to continuing to work with her."

///  Siobhan Ross

"I started with Shannon when I was completely confused about what "cutting" was all about for weightlifting. I had always been a clueless eater that would either eat junk food or completely starve myself. This obviously negatively affected my performance and so my coach wanted me to talk to a nutritionist to make sure when I cut I can maintain and increase strength/muscle mass. I had tried to cut to the 75kg weight class sooo many times and it never worked out until I worked with Shannon. Seeing the progress from Shannon's clients and watching her fuel for her powerlifting was enough to get me started. 15 weeks later I have nearly dropped a weight class with over 6kg weight loss. She has helped me fuel myself for training and has taught me about consistency more than anything else. If you stick with it, 10 weeks will fly by and with Shannon's support you will be amazed with the results!"

///  Brityn

"Working with Shannon has felt like taking a similar approach to nutrition as I would take to training for an event. Knowing that Shannon has a plan and is checking what I'm doing, means I can just relax and trust the process. I’ve seen quick results without any negative impact on my CrossFit training. In fact, In the 14 weeks I've been working with Shannon, I've dropped two jeans sizes whilst getting my first pull ups, 50 unbroken double unders and numerous lifting PBs. It's been tough, but knowing that I'll soon be able to eat a greater volume - fuelling my body more whilst retaining the results is a goal worth working hard for!"

///  Laura

"Well where do I start I was in a constant battle with myself trying to lose weight through the week but then putting it all back on over the weekend, so I started powerlifting with Danny Taylor of Taylors strength and decided I need to drop weight to feel better with myself. Danny put me in contact with Shannon Clifford who catered to every need and helped me out massively with my diet plan with great meal ideas that stay within my macros and the weight soon fell off quickly dropping over 26kg to my lightest weight that I have ever been. Also still pulling  pbs at comp and in the gym, although this is only the first step in my diet journey it's has been a massive one and it's all down to Shannon, I would just like to say a big thankyou to you and everything that you have done for me so far and I am really looking forward to the reverse bulk after my holidays."

///  Ryan Metcalfe

"I started working with Shannon late last year mainly because I felt I needed a higher level of accountability in diet.  She helped me to lose almost 10kilos but keep up with my strength and crossfit training.  I can’t say it’s been easy, but knowing that Shannon was going to check up on me at the end of the week definitely helped to keep me on track. We’re currently working on my reverse diet, building up my calories again but keeping my weight down. I am looking forward to having more energy and starting to make gains in my training again! I am very grateful to Shannon for the help she’s given me in staying on track and for her advice and empathy when I was struggling with dieting. I’ve learnt a lot from working with her and I’d recommend her to anyone who’s looking for help losing weight in a sustainable way."

///  Kate

"Shannon is a brilliant nutrition coach. I had originally heard good things about her from a number of powerlifters and was keen to give it a try. Shannon offers a very flexible and tailored solution for nutrition. I originally wanted to lose weight to ensure my training weight stayed in my competition weight category, though at the same time I wanted to increase my energy levels and ensure I had enough sustenance for working full time and training hard. I have now successfully reached my goal and we are increasing my calories and macros (reverse dieting) to ensure I stay at an optimum weight, I swear I have never eaten so much in my life! There is no right or wrong way to eat and Shannon encourages you to find what works for you best, nothing is out of bounds. She is very easy to talk to and is always so speedy with her helpful responses. I highly recommend her and a number of my friends are also now using Shannon’s services."

///  Hira Teirney

"I started working with Shannon in January, I’ve always worked hard at my training but I’ve never linked this with good nutrition and therefore never really reached my goals. As the old saying goes, ‘You can’t out train a bad diet!’ I started on a weight cut which lasted around 5 – 6 months and I am now on a reverse diet to build muscle. Overall I lost up to 7kg which I am really happy with. It’s been quite a journey so far and I’m excited to continue and work towards my new goals. "

///  Ian

"I’m on my 15th week with Shannon and have lost 9kg in that time.  Once I’d gotten my head around tracking macros and weighing food, the diet was easy to follow and the ‘if it fits your macros’ approach lets me lose weight while still managing to fit in the odd cake, bar of chocolate or bowl of ice cream.  I’d tried a few ‘lose five lb in a week’ type diets before but had never lasted very long as (unsurprisingly) going from 2,000+ calories a day down to 1,000 wasn’t sustainable for more than a few days.  I’m delighted with my weight loss so far. "

///  Katie

“After years of trying many different types of ‘healthy eating’ plans on my own and developing bad relationships with certain foods I knew that I needed help but I was worried of breaking my ‘routine’ and trying something new. Shannon was already helping many members at the gym that I go to and since seeing their amazing progress I thought that I would give it a try. I signed up about 12 weeks ago and have not looked back since. I have not always had a great relationship with food so I did find it hard eating certain foods again, especially carbs, but with Shannon’s support I have learnt to enjoy these foods again without feeling guilty. I can’t even begin to describe how much Shannon has helped me in such a short space of time – not just for weight loss but also for my mental health! Some days are harder than others but Shannon is always on hand to combat any negativity or low days that you might have and usually responds within minutes! For anyone who is looking for help or guidance with their food or training this plan is so easy to follow and the support, knowledge and advice you receive while on the plan is invaluable.”

///  Preet Birk

“Shannon has made this so easy each week. Her knowledge and support has been so helpful to help me understand how better to eat to fuel around training and to help recovery. I am really pleased with how the plan has gone so far, Shannon makes small changes each week and listens to feedback to help tailor exactly to my needs. I am looking forward to continuing to work with Shannon into the future and hopefully will continue making progress with her great help and support. I would highly recommend Shannon to anyone looking for support and guidance with their food, she makes it so easy and is so supportive.“

///  Sian

“In any training I have previously done, it has always involved lifting weights, at varying degrees of ability, and for different purposes, challenges and goals but whereas I feel I have the motivation to train, because I enjoy it so much, I don’t have the same discipline when it comes to nutrition. There were two main reasons why I wanted to get my nutrition sorted. There was a period of change which affected me greatly and I ended up putting on weight more than I was comfortable with. This made me unhappy with my body. On a more positive note, I was fortunate enough to follow a great opportunity to pursue training for powerlifting competitions and having got the bug, I wanted to compete in a lower body weight class for my next competition, where I felt more suited. A referral from a fellow lifting buddy, who has also had great success with their own goals, recommended Shannon to help. With Shannon’s coaching and support, I have achieved both goals. I am much more comfortable with my bodyweight and feel better for it and I successfully competed in a -63kg powerlifting competition. I am hugely grateful for Shannon’s support and with her help I managed to sustainably and sensibly lose weight. I would never have been able to get my weight down without nutrition planning which is also conducive with the training I am doing. I like having the support and it is the accountability and the check-ins which keep motivation and instruct me how to do this. I look forward to continuing the coaching support with Shannon and seeing the results from reverse dieting.”

///  Victoria

“I came to Shannon as I knew I wasn’t fuelling my body properly to progress either with my training or my body goals. I also had a mental block about nutrition probably as a result of a residual eating disorder I have gone through in the past. She has since managed to help me progress more in the last 4 months than I have in the last 4 years. Together we have increased my strength and muscle mass, decreased body fat and un-helpful eating patterns and we are well on our way to a healthy shift in both body composition and mental state. All of this whilst eating at least 400 – 800 more cals a day (depending on what cycle we are in - either cut or build). I cannot wait to progress further with this. Shannon is not only a nutrition wizard but also a really lovely and inspiring individual. Always on hand for any help or queries and really takes the time to customise everything for you and to work with you as an individual. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.”

///  Emma

“Shannon has been so supportive, and helpful, and has always guided me with my nutrition. I now have a completely different outlook on food, and have managed to lose 6kg, and people at the gym have commented on how much healthier I'm looking. Even my training has improved, and I've hit lots of PB's whilst cutting. I would recommend Shannon to anyone who wants to change their nutrition, for whatever reason. Thank you for putting up with me complaining all the time, and helping me feel so much better.” 

///  Claudia Poynton

“Where do I start...I went with Shannon in the hope that I could finally lose weight after several unsuccessful attempts by myself. I had tried keto, low calorie and IIFYM with no luck at all. Shannon looked at what I wanted to achieve and what type of training I did, she understood that the training I was doing was important to me and a loss of strength wouldn’t be an ideal option. She totally adjusted my plan and made me accountable by regular check ins but she was also there to explain everything down to the smallest detail if I had a question and believe me I had a few. In the following weeks the weight was dropping and my strength wasn’t affected and with even more adjustments my strength actually started improving. I cannot recommend Shannon enough and when I feel the need to start the reverse diet she will be the person I will go to. Not once have a felt like I was on a diet with Shannon she has made me more aware of what and when I eat can affect me. I would highly recommend Shannon for the assistance as losing weight. I cannot thank you enough.”

///  Chris Morris

“I contacted Shannon because I wanted to cut to 63kg for an Olympic weightlifting competition 10 weeks away. The scales I had at the time said I was ~69kg so that seemed reasonable! The weight started falling off me and I didn't feel deprived due to the flexible nature of the plan. I then realised that my scales were 3kg inaccurate... making my starting weight 72kg and the whole cut a lot more of a challenge. However, Shannon got me through it with minimal hunger and suffering. My training didn't suffer at all, I even hit a 7kg jerk PB after eight weeks of cutting. I weighed in at 62kg on comp day and performed well – meaning a 10kg cut in 10 weeks without losing strength. Shannon has been super supportive, encouraging and understanding. My body has changed dramatically, as has my attitude to it, my energy levels, my confidence etc. I've just started reverse dieting and can't wait to see what the increased calories do for my lifting! I recommend Shannon to any of my friends looking to lose weight in a sustainable way, I can't sing her praises enough.”

///  Catherine

“I have just completed my first phase with Shannon, helping me on an 8 week comp prep plan to go from 69kg to 63kg for England strongest woman. This was a tough ask in such a short time as I know historically that weight loss can be quite slow for me.  I had lots of social engagements and family holidays during this time that I didn’t want to have to completely avoid. Shannon’s coaching firstly helped me to reintroduce carbs back into my diet, this definitely helped with my training as previously to make weight for a competition I have cut all carbs and my desire to train and strength has nose dived. Secondly she helped me to work around my social dates so that I could still enjoy them but immediately get back on track quickly without it derailing me completely. I was then given very specific directions a few weeks out from the comp to guarantee dropping the remaining pounds and ensure making weight and I did much better in the comp than I expected! Post competition I have now just begun phase 2 where we are going to more gradually move my weight to a more sustainable 65kg so that competition prep in future will not need to be so drastic. I am looking forward to working on the reverse diet phase so see if we can kick start my metabolism from years of very low calorie diets, increase my cals and get even stronger.”

///  Anjie

“I started competing in powerlifting a year ago (exactly!)  In my first 2 competitions I competed in the u72s.  I found making weight quite stressful as I was having to be so strict.  I decided to compete in the u84s to remove this stress.  I decided to bulk up a bit as I was only just an 84 and didn’t really do this in the best way.  When I put weight on it tends to go to my waist and I was feeling very uncomfortable in my clothes.  I decided to cut back down to the u72s but wanted some help to do this in the best way and seeing the amazing results Shannon’s clients have had I decided to sign up.  I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to stick with it or I’d get things wrong.  However, due to the flexible nature of plan I’ve been able navigate my way through my birthday, holiday, days out, celebrations and those days when you just want to eat all the things with success.  Shannon is great to work with, she explains things really clearly and always provides support and encouragement.  Also, anyone that can put up with my rambling, ‘thinking aloud’ emails is a real star! I found it useful to get that message that it’s not the end of the world if you go off track one day, you can get back on track the next day.  The information sheets and the Facebook client group are really useful.  We all have fluctuations in our weigh day-to-face and I found it really useful to see the average weight on the spreadsheet so I could see that I was progressing.  I’ve maintained my strength and I’ve even managed to get a bench PB!  I’m excited to go onto the next stage of reverse dieting and building my strength up as an u72.  Thank you Shannon”

///  Kim

“I came to Shannon one year after having a baby from a friend recommendation as I couldn’t shift the last 10 lbs of baby weight. I also knew I needed to regain some muscle and wasn’t sure how to do this, or how to begin to achieve what I wanted. With Shannon’s help I can’t believe it only took my 6 weeks to get down to the weight I wanted, and now I’m reverse dieting so I can put muscle back on. I could never have done this without Shannon as she’s helped me to re-gain my focus and I’ve also learnt a lot about what my body needs in terms of macros and calories. I have seen so much progress and I’m very happy with the results! Thank you so much!”

///  Anonymous

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