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I offer a variety of online nutrition and training programs. I specialise in the athletic diet and work with a lot of strength athletes such as Powerlifters, Olympics Lifers, Strongmen/women and Crossfitters, however we have a wide range of clients from different sporting and non-sporting backgrounds. Our clients range from pensioners who just want to be healthier and more active to world class powerlifers
If you are interested in online nutrition or exercise programs please see below for information. If you are interested or need any more information please email us

Coaching Plans and Price List

There are 3 main types of nutrition plans so please read the options carefully or email me to discuss the best option for you.

 All nutrition plans can have a training plan add on

3 Month Meal Plan Nutrition - Non Macro tracking

  • This plan is a ‘no macro tracking’ plan, you will choose from set meals therefore you do not need to track on myfitnesspal however you must weigh your food as suggested in the plan and only stick to the meals set, unless it states an option to create your own.

  • The plan is tailored to your goals, it is calorie based but you don't need worry about that, I plan your meals based on the calories you need to reach your goals

  • Options to create your own meals if you wish

  • The plan is set into 3 one month blocks

  • Meals change on a monthly basis so that you don't get bored

  • Optional monthly progress check in with measurement and progress pics comparisons

  • Over 35 meals to choose from in each block - Breakfast, main meal, Pre workout, Post workout, Snacks

  • Suitable for Fat loss (weight loss) and Muscle gain (weight gain) - both cannot be done at the same time.

  • Suitable for strength athletes

  • Access to Closed Facebook group for support

* * Currently no Vegan or Vegetarian option at this time

This plan is priced at £100 for the full 3 months

If you wish to pay monthly instead this will be £40pm and you will be given the plan one section at a time

Optional Training program add on for an extra £30pm 


Ongoing Nutrition Support (Macro/ Calorie counting style plan) -  see full list below

  • Personalised calorie and macro nutrient plan

  • Weekly client check in by email for calorie and macro adjustments

  • Progress photo check ins to compare body composition changes

  • Help sheets for how to track calories and how to eat for your goals

  • Details on meal timing, refeeds and carb cycling when needed.

  • Free recipe ebooks

  • Example meal plans to give you ideas for how to hit your macros

  • Access to Closed Facebook group for support

This can be used for:

  • Weight loss

  • Weight/muscle gain

  • Reverse dieting – This is slowly increasing calories/carbs with little weight gain, this is great for people who have been on a low carb diet for a long time or are on low calories but still can’t lose weight. Did you know that your body needs around 130g carbs per day just to fuel your heart, nervous system and brain efficiently. We aim to get a clients carb intake up to 4-5x their bodyweight in kg with as little weight gain as possible. Even people on a moderate amount of carbs per day can benefit from a reverse diet.


Full Price list for this plan

After the time period has ended you can renew and carry on the program with me for the same price.

4 weeks program £40

6 weeks program£57.50

8 weeks program £75

10 weeks program £90

13 weeks program £115

26 weeks program £220

52  weeks program £420

Or the above with added training plan to be personalized to your goals and sport

eg strongman, powerlifing or just general gym training

4 week Combined package £70

6 week Combined package £100

8 week Combined package £130

10 week Combined package £160

13 week Combined package £200

26 week Combined package £390

52 week Combined package £750

Training Only 

Online tailored programs based around weight training or for your specific sport - powerlifting, strongman or just general fitness

After the time period has ended you can renew and carry on the program with me for the same price.

4 weeks program £40

6 weeks program£57.50

8 weeks program £75

10 weeks program £90

13 weeks program £115

26 weeks program £220

52  weeks program £420

One off Nutrition Plan - up to12 Weeks of data, Calories based with recipe ideas (£80)

This is similar to the ongoing macro style plan however without the weekly check ins . I provide your calories and macros to start with and then give enough changes and information to last up to 3 months worth or cutting/muscle gain for you to carry out at your own pace. Or This can be tailored to a comp weight cut and post comp nutrition (usually around 2 months long)

I also provide a meal guide with recipe ideas tailored to you

Free recipe ebooks

Optional Progress photo check ins to compare body composition changes

You will have  access to closed Facebook group for motivation and support

This plan is suited for fat loss, muscle gain or just generally eating better for health

This is £80 for the full 12 Weeks

One off Nutrition & Training Plan  - 12 weeks (£150)

One off nutrition plan as mentioned above as well as a training program to suit your personal goals.

12 Week DIY ‘Get Fit’ Guide  (ebook plan) £35.00 


Design for beginner Females  (beginner with weight training)

This plan is aimed mainly at females who would like to build some muscle to achieve that ‘toned look’, it is also suitable for people who haven’t had much experience weight training and have always stuck to cardio or no exercise at all.

This is a set 12 week plan in ebook format – aimed at building muscle and leaning out – This plan does not involve weekly check ins however you have access to 24/7 email support for any questions you may have and a support Facebook group.

what is included:

  • Initially I will calculate your calorie and macro nutrient goals as well as a suitable meal plan – once you send back the form that will be automatically sent when you pay for the book.

  • Meal and Snack plans for various calorie requirements

  • Healthy meals list and access to recipes

  • Meal Timing Info

  • 12 week exercise programme for fat loss and muscle gain consisting of three different cycles

  • Information about macro nutrients

  • Email support

  • Access to Facebook group with all my other clients for motivation and support

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