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About Shannon

World's Strongest Woman 2021

Accredited at level 4 by the NCFE
Accredited Diploma in Personal Nutrition
Accredited Diploma in Diet & Weight Management

Accredited Diploma in Health & Fitness

Accredited Diploma in Advanced Sports Nutrition

Accredited Diploma in Ultimate Weight Loss

Accredited Diploma in Advanced Nutrition
Certificate in Child Nutrition


For my Training videos check out my instagram @shannonsnutrition

I first started going to the gym and doing a bit of weight training, after seeing progress in the way I looked I became hooked. I loved every minute of training and getting stronger and this eventually lead me into powerlifting. I am a competitive powerlifter, I started powerlifting in May 2014, below are the results of all of my competitions. In 2017 I then started to compete in Strongwoman

Best Lifts - 64kg bodyweight

- 160kg squat in neoprene sleaves

- 222.5kg raw deadlift

- 100kg overhead press

- 140kg Atlas Stone

Strong Woman

- November 2022 - Worlds Strongest Woman 64kg - Withdrawn due to injury

- September 2022 - UK Arnold Pro show 64kg  - 2nd Place

- August 2022 -UKSA Englands Strongest Woman - Open weight class - 3rd Place 

- August 2022 - Britain's Strongest Woman 64kg  - 2nd Place

- May 2022 - England's Strongest Woman 64kg - 1st Place

- March 2022 - Clash of the u64s (international) - 2nd Place

- March 2022 -UK's Strongest Woman - Open weight class - 5th Place 

- November 2021 - Worlds Strongest Woman 64kg - 1st Place 

September 2021 - Britain's Strongest Woman 64kg - 2nd Place 

- August 2021 -UK's Strongest Woman - Open weight class - 7th Place 

- August 2021England's Strongest Woman 64kg - 1st Place (FINALLY)

- July 2021 - The Strength Games- open weight/pound for pound show - 2nd Place 

- June 2021 - u64kg  & 73kg class British Record Axle Press -95kg 

- December 2020 - Pound for Pound strongest in the world-Online event -5th Place

- October 2020 - England's Strongest Woman 63kg - 3rd Place 

- September 2020 - The Norths Strongest Woman 63kg - 1st Place 

- March 2020 - Arnold Classic, Columbus Ohio 63kg (first international comp) - 3rd Place 

- August 2019 - Britain's Strongest Woman  63kg- 2nd Place 

- May 2019 - England's Strongest Woman 63kg - 2nd Place 

- April 2019 - The Norths Strongest Woman 63kg- 1st Place 

- July 2018 - Britain's Strongest Woman 63kg- 3rd Place 

- June 2018 - England's Strongest Woman 63kg- 5th Place 

- April 2018 - North's Strongest Woman 63kg- 3rd Place 

- 07.10.2017 - Britain's Strongest Woman 63kg- 5th Place

- 11.08.2017 - England's Strongest Woman63kg - 6th Place 

- 01.04.2017 - North's Strongest Woman 63kg- 3rd Place 


Powerlifting u63kg class

2014 IPF English Junior Champion

2014 IPF British Junior Champion 

2015 IPF Europens 5th Place

2015 IPF British Junior Champion 

Bio written Feb 2016

Since I can remember I have always been on a diet, counting my calories, avoiding food that would make me fat. Sound familiar?
This was probably since the age of about 13, which looking back now seems very worrying, kids shouldn’t be worried about if they are fat or not but unfortunately that’s the society we live in. I was always a sporty kid growing up and exercising 4 or 5 days a week, playing on various sports teams or going to the gym, but liked most kids I loved junk food. I was never happy with my body and also idolised stick thin models in women’s magazine, I thought that I needed to look like that to be attractive. I remember looking at my BMI and realising that to be classed as underweight I had to be under 8 stone, so this became my aim. I started to skip meals and do as much cardio as possible, from 14 I was allowed to join the gym and I would run on the treadmill for over an hour. This lifestyle was not sustainable and I would get so hungry I would just binge eat and put loads of weight back on. From the age of 14-19 my weight would fluctuate anywhere between 8 stone and 10 stone. I was never particularly over weight, but I didn’t have the skinny figure I wanted.
I had a love-hate relationship with the gym and kept constantly joining and quitting. In December 2012 I decided it was time to have ago at this again, I went back to constantly running on the treadmill and killing myself on the stair master, but this time I started using some of the weight machines, not having a clue what I was doing. I always avoided weights in the past because I was told I would look ‘manly’ or bulky’. I felt intimidated going to the weights section, thinking that people would stare at me and laugh. Even though I was only doing light weights I noticed a massive difference in my body and I started losing a lot of weight. So I added more weight training with my cardio but was still eating stupidly low calories to diet, probably around 1200-1400. I remember people telling me I’m getting too skinny but this made me want to lose more weight, I liked that I was ‘Skinny’.
I don’t know what changed but I remember making an Instagram account and started following ‘fitness girls’ who posted healthy meals and shared dieting tips. At the end of 2013 I came across a few accounts of some strong looking girls, they had big bums and legs but tiny waists and they looked amazing. I started to look at what they posted and they were all weight training. This is were everything changed, I no longer idolised the weak skinny frame of celebrities and super models, I realised they looked ill and unhealthy, I wanted to look like these women on Instagram, I wanted to be strong. I reduced my cardio dramatically and did more weight training. A guy I worked with at the time suggested squatting but I had no idea what to do, so he organised a ‘leg session’ with me were he would give me some advice on how to train. That day I could barely drive my car home from the gym my legs where aching that much, but I loved it.
After falling in love with weight lifting I gave up cardio all together and just focused on weight training and being as strong as I could be, I loved trying to beat myself each week. My body weight was going up but I started taking progress pictures and I realised that I was looking leaner but thicker and I looked so much healthier. My dad and brother did some powerlifting training at a different gym to me and suggested trying the deadlift and bench press with my squat. Within a few months I signed up to my first powerlifting competition. My first competition was in May 2014 I hit a 90kg squat, 45kg bench press and 107.5kg deadlift. 2 years later I am 2x British champion (2014 & 2015) and so much stronger. I no longer have an unhealthy obsession with food and no longer want to be skinny. I am actually trying to gain weight to increase my muscle mass, even though I am at the heaviest weight I have ever been. I love that powerlifting allows me to eat loads and not put on fat, I now eat around 2700-3000 calories a day. Yes that right I went from 1200 to 3000 calories. I now train with weights 5 days a week and never do cardio, I absolutely love powerlifting and have met some great people in the process. More girls need to stop fearing weights and just do it, they won’t make you manly or bulky, they will make you lean and toned, with an awesome booty.

'Now' image below is Feb 2016

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